Monday, February 13, 2012

So What Do YOU Know About Islam?

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  1. What a positive post? I first visited Egypt after seeing the border guards and Egyptian flag from Eilat, Israel and thinking "I really must go there..." I completely agree that it is so important for Israelis to get a better understanding. When I first visited Egypt and got to know some Egyptian Muslims I realised how my mind had been shaped by the media subconciously. The hospitality and warmth of the people here is something that you take away with you.

    My Best friend at School was an Israeli, my husband is Egyptian Muslim and my Brothers long term girlfriend is Jewish. I'm Christian. Makes for some interesting family get togethers.

    1. Thanks! I bet your family get-togethers are fascinating - will make a great YouTube clip...

      The "you and I" (person to person) relationships typically work. Unfortunately the "us and them" (nation to nation) relationships is where the trouble begins.

  2. Great post. I hope in some future post you'll discuss one or two specifics from your class that were particularly important to you, especially those that relate to Eli Avidar's points (which are??).

  3. I believe you know nothing about Islam.We believe in all the prophets Moses,Jesus ... and Mohammad which is the last one.We believe and respect all the other prophets but your countries insult us and Mohammad repeatedly.And its not the case that we can't retaliate,we don't want to...I'm not sure if you got the point or not,we can't and we wont insult any prophet cos our religious forbidden us to insult even our enemies let alone Moses,Jesus and all the other prophets that we do really love.We are not terrorist,it was not us who attacked the other countries... we are called terrorist just because we cant be silent when we see injustice in the know the governments delude us to believe what they want to,and our governments are not exceptional from this rule ,so its the peoples duty to go for the truth and I believe soon we will be enlightened (my English is not that good so I hope you got what I meant)

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Thank you for posting your opinion. As you pointed out, one class on Islam doesn't make me an expert. However it did help me appreciate some of the complexities around Islam, and taught me that we shouldn't be using stereotypes.

      May there more communication and greater respect between people of all faiths.

  4. hmmm...
    still thinking here ^^
    hehehe.. sorry, there is no way I can possibly make an objective comment about this matter :)
    but I think, I like to hear your opinion about Islam in the south east asia as well, you know there is a country with thousand island, hundred of language and ethnic, altho' it is not an Islamic country but it have the biggest population of muslim in the world. I think Islam brought there even before coup at saudi, so the comprehension and the teaching about Islam maybe a bit different in some way. Well I personally not good at history and I don't know where to get the latest news as well :p
    of course there must be a lot of problem, but the existence of this country itself must be a mystery as well :DD

    p.s: sorry my english suck, I use Javanese as my main language :p