Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ah, Tel-Aviv

We have spent the days since our arrival on arrangements. Filling forms at government offices; shopping for cars; preparing the house for the container that will soon arrive.  Lot’s of chores and busy work. But not today… Today we decided it is time to make a trip to Tel Aviv. A fun trip for a change…

Many cities have ‘vista points’ - a spot from which you can catch a special glimpse of the city. San Francisco has many vista points. One of our favorites was the curve on Highway 101 that reveals the downtown and the Bay Bridge. It is breath taking on a sunny day, which can be a rare occasion in San Francisco ;-)

Our favorite vista-point in Tel Aviv is where the road descends into the Herbert Samuel promenade.  All of a sudden you can see the white sandy beaches, the hotels row, the old city of Jaffa, the cafes, and the thousands of people that walk, jog, or bike along the beach. It is breath taking on a sunny day, which is a common occasion in Tel-Aviv ;-)

We drove along the Tel Aviv promenade and then parked the car. We walked through the ‘Nachlat Benyamin’ (נחלת בנימין) arts and crafts street fair; had lunch in our favorite Wooden Horse (סוס עץ) restaurant on Shenkin (שנקין) street; strolled through Rothschild Blvd (שד. רוטשילד), gazed at the small shops on Allenby (אלנבי) street and then crossed the Carmel Market (שוק הכרמל).

It was a lovely, sunny winter day. The sky was blue and the sun was shining. Tel-Aviv was vibrant, beaming with people, sights, colors and smells. It reminded us why we came back.

OK… More chores tomorrow!

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  1. Thank you Baruch for sharing your experiences. This makes me want to visit Tel Aviv someday!